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To the experienced photographer the content of this page will be common knowledge. It is primarily directed at the photographer who is not familiar with the studio environment and/or working with models.
You can bring along your own model or you may wish to hire one from our register.
Always ensure you are aware of the range of work the model is prepared to undertake. Some of our models are relatively new to the profession and are progressing through the various 'categories'.
If the comment 'ASK' is shown against a particular category this means exactly what it says and the photographer should ascertain, before booking, that the model is prepared to work at the level required. The request should never be made during the shoot.
Sometimes it may be necessary to adjust the model's clothing or hair. When possible ask her to do this herself. However, sometimes this would mean compromising the pose. If you need to make any adjustment yourself always confirm with the model that it is OK for you to touch or adjust her clothing or hair and make it clear exactly what it is you are going to do.
Give plenty of praise, and acknowledge when you get a good response to any request.
Ensure the model is comfortable with the pose you have requested. Generally if the model is uncomfortable it will show in the shot. (But maybe not to you whilst you are concentrating on taking it)
A good model will pose until she drops. Periodically ask if she would like a break and/or refreshment. She is working harder than you.