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To the experienced model the content of this page will be of little interest. It is primarily directed at new models attending for the first time and not familiar with the studio environment, and/or working in front of the camera.
I always suggest you bring someone with you the first time you visit. If you are under 18 it is mandatory you bring a parent or guardian.
Initially you can just come and have a look at the studio. If you wish, I will take some pictures, so wear and/or bring something you feel comfortable in.
There is an extensive wardrobe of dresses, tops, shoes, boots, swimwear and lingerie so you can try some other outfits if you wish.
If you are confident enough, and want to have some shots taken in lingerie or swimwear remember to wear loose fitting clothing to ensure there are no unsightly marks on your body.
If you feel you would like to continue I will spend time with you in the studio and when we both feel you are ready, publish your details on the website, with a view to you getting paid bookings.
I will ask you to fill in one of our 'profile' forms. Some of the information on the form is also published on the website to provide details of you and the level of work you are happy to undertake.
It is made very clear the 'level' of work you are happy to provide, so there is never any embarrassment caused by you being asked to do anything you are not ready for.
If you would like to join the register or find out more about the studio please email me via the 'Contact Details' page