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Studio Day (Holly promo)

Ivory Flame Studio Days Sat. 4th & Sun. 5th September


Holly will be working up to art nude, as well as beauty, emotive portraits, fashion, pre-raphaelite styles, lingerie, bridal and lifestyle, and will be bringing a range of costumes including beautiful ballgowns, wedding dresses, colourful fashion outfits, sheer floaty skirts and tops, silk fabric, veils, gorgeous lingerie, venetian masks, intricate jewellery and other interesting props & accesories.
You can see full galleries, more info and references on her website, and also recent images and inspiration on her blog
There will be 3 sets available on the day and as you can see Holly is a very beautiful and versatile model, known for being friendly, creative and patient to work with, and happy to work with any level of photographer. Time can fly when shooting her so ensure that the length of your booking will enable you to fully exploit the opportunity to add enough stunning pics to your portfolio.
The day will start at 10.00
Rates:- 1 hour booking  60.00
        2 hour booking 100.00
        3 hour booking 140.00
        4 hour booking 185.00
 Saturday now fully booked
Due to the fast sell out
for Saturday we are now taking
bookings for the Sunday
For those who would prefer a group shoot arrangement would you please let me know via the Contact page.
Depending on the interest it may be possible to split the day between one to one bookings and a group.
The group would be limited to 5 photographers and each would take 'roundabout' spells of 10 to 15 mins throughout the shoot.