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Two more models join the register December 02, 2010
Bex White and Emma Louise 'come aboard.' Check out the Model Register page for their details. ... [MORE]

Ivory Flame joins the model register November 24, 2010
I am pleased to announce Holly has agreed to be on the Studio Model Register. You will find details on the 'Model Register' page where there is also... [MORE]

Ivory Flame at the studio September 05, 2010
The studio day with Holly was a great success. All attendees acquired the expected stunning pics. I hope to have Holly along for a repeat performanc... [MORE]

Showcase July 06, 2010
The studio is the subject of a showcase in the latest isue of Digital Photographer (97). Check out pages 73, 78 and 79. The model on page 73 is of... [MORE]

DP Showcase May 06, 2010
Am now advertising in Digital Photographer and there will be a Studo Showcase feature for The Cottage Studio in Issue 97 on sale 17th June.... [MORE]

Speedhumps removed October 06, 2009
All the speedhumps on the site have now been removed so all cars with 'zero' clearance can now approach the studio without the need for the levell... [MORE]

Full width infinity cove September 24, 2009
The full width infinity cove (6.8m wide x 4m high) is now in place on the back wall, the floor has been 'treated' with levelling compound and the ... [MORE]

Carly June 21, 2009
Carly has been accepted by Mackenzie Models ... [MORE]

Props and Sets April 13, 2009
The Dungeon has now been created and new props, a 5' x 4' gold framed mirror and an 'antique' tin bath acquired.... [MORE]

Studio Pics June 20, 2008
For all those waiting with bated breath, at last some pics of the studio, courtesy of Hayley Kirton photographer, Anita makeup and studio assistan... [MORE]

Studio Progress June 09, 2008
Thought I had better post an update, can't believe so much time has past since the last! Can't imagine why I thought I would be operational by April!!... [MORE]

Studio progress April 19, 2008
Have not made April for the grand opening, but construction is well under way. I will start to post progress photos soon so watch this space. For a l... [MORE]

New Location March 06, 2008
The new location for the studio will be at Albourne near Henfield. Fitting out has started and we hope to be up and running by April. Watch this space... [MORE]

Smoke and Bubble September 03, 2007
A smoke machine and a bubble producing machine are now available and can be hired for a sessional fee of 10.00.... [MORE]

Ringflash + unit August 07, 2007
Have now added an amazing ringflash unit to the lighting. Not only a ringflash but a beauty dish and 56" octobox for use on camera or as a standalone ... [MORE]

New Props January 24, 2007
We now have a dance pole and a swing which can be quickly installed centrally when required. ... [MORE]