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We are constantly  seeking and adding models to the register.
If you are interested in joining the register please either email us via the contact us page or complete a submission form
Please note if you are under 18 we require consent from a parent or guardian who should also be prepared to accompany you to the studio.
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AIMME - Aimme is a delight to work with. Takes direction well. She has a great smile but you will have to coax her. She covers all genres from portrait to art nude and charges 30.00 per hour.

Aimme Gallery

ANGELIQUE - Angelique is so photogenic. A great smile, amazing figure, articulate, charming personality always a pleasure to work with. She covers all genres from portrait to art nude with the exception of glamour, and charges £35 per hour with half and full day discounts.

Angelique Gallery

ANNA-ROSE - Anna-Rose is an excellent gynnast so can produce and hold amazing poses. A perfectionist in all she does she is equally competent in all genres from portrait to art nude and charges £35 per hour.

AnnaRose Gallery

ARIANNA - Arianna is from Latvia. Her striking but beautiful looks makes her the perfect model for portrait work and she works to other genres up to artistic nude

Arianna Gallery

ARIELLE FOX - Arielle Fox is a very classy, talented, and versatile model. She produces amazing poses effortlessly if you let her 'run' but responds brilliantly to direction. She will pose for portrait through to art nude genres and charges 30.00 per hour.

Arielle Fox Gallery

AYLA - Ayla is an ex-gymnast and dancer. She brings these assets to her modeling and takes a shoot to a different level. Equally at home in the studio or out on location where she will happily exploit the surroundings. She covers all genres from portrait to art nude and charges 35.00 per hour.

Ayla Gallery

CODY - Cody is a professional model with over 5 years experience including assignments in various countries. She has undertaken many commercial projects and needs no direction. She covers genres from portrait to implied topless and charges £35 per hour

Cody Gallery

ELISE - Elise is a geat aerialist and performs on the Lyra, pole and silks etc. She covers all genres from portrait to lingerie and combined with her aerial talents takes a shoot to a whole new level. She charges 35.00 per hour with half and full day discounts.

Elise Gallery

ELLE BETH - Elle Beth is a very versatile model. Mostly concentrating on art nude but is happy with other 'lower' levels She has had a number of acting roles and together with music videos and short films she brings this experience into her posing abilities.

ElleBeth Gallery

EMMALOUISE - EmmaLouise has been modeling for over 10 years now and can always be relied upon to put in a great performance. She will model from Portrait to Art Nude and charges 30.00 per hour.

EmmaLouise Gallery

EMMA MAY - EmmaMay is becoming ever more competant on the aerial equipment. She has a most delightful personality, will pose effortlessly but is equally happy to take direction. A top class model she covers genres from portrait to art nude and charges 40.00 per hour.

EmmaMay Gallery

FIONA - Fiona is an experienced and very versatile model. Internationally published and representing a number of high profile companies. She regularly works with a number of top rated photographers for their workshops. She covers all genres from portrait to art nude and charges 40.00 per hour.

Fiona Gallery

HANNAH - Hannah is returning to modelling after a break. Very different look, being half Egyptian. She will produce poses you never dreamed of. She will pose for Portrait, Fashion, Swimwear Lingerie and implied topless work and charges £30 per hour.

IVORY FLAME - Ivory Flame is the ultimate professional. Totally reliable and brings an amazing collection of outfits and props to a shoot. She is a dream to work with from portrait to art nude. She takes a shoot to another level. An awesome model she charges £45 per hour.

Ivory Flame Gallery   Ivory Flame Website

JADE - Jade has a charming personality and is very confidant in front of the camera. She has a great wardrobe and a very artistic approach to her modelling. She will pose for Portrait and fashion work and charges 20.00 per hour.

Jade Gallery

JES - As well as a totally professional and reliable model, Jes works as a make up artist, is a qualified riding instructor, with her own horses, and holds a PADI certificate. She will pose for Portrait, Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie, Topless and Figure/Nude work and charges £40 per hour.

JOCELINE - Joceline is an internationally published model. An ex-ballet dancer and trained actress. She also has a qualification in stage fighting covering all forms of weapon together with unarmed combat. The ultimate professional she covers all genres and charges £50 per hour with discounted day and week rates.

Images for Joceline    Website and Blog

KATIEMAE - Katiemae is a delight to work with. Very comfortable in front of the camera she takes direction well, but is equally capable of producing great poses if you let her 'run'. She will pose for Portrait, Fashion, Swimwear and Lingerie and charges £25 per hour.

Katiemae Gallery

KATIE - Katie is fun and easy to work with. Immediately responds to direction but has plenty of her own ideas. She will pose for Portrait, Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie, Topless and Figure/Nude and charges £35 per hour. 

KIANA - Kiana is an experienced model happy to work in all genres from portrait to nude. Very confident in front of the camera she is equally comfortable working with both amateur and professional photographers.

Kiana Gallery

MELANIE - Melanie took a break from modeling but is now back. Confidant geat personality, wonderful figure, the full package.

Melanie Gallery

PENNYLEE - PennyLee is a great glamour model but equally competant with art nude and fetish style for both still and video.

A great figure and, as often queried, all real.

PennyLee Gallery

SAPHI - Saphi was the first model to visit the studio before I had even fitted it out, so we shot outside. She has gone from strength to strength and is now a very confident and competent model. She will pose for Portrait, Fashion, Lingerie, Topless and Figure/Nude work and charges £35 per hour.

Saphi Gallery  

SERENITY - Serenity is a very versatile model and covers all genres from Portrait to Art Nude. She has a charming personality, a great smile, brings an excellent range of outfits to the shoot.

Serenity Gallery

TOXICCHERRY - Toxic is very innovative as her pics show, since most of these are her own ideas. Having said that she takes direction well and is great fun to work with. She will pose for Portrait, Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie and Figure/nude work and charges £25 per hour

ToxicCherry Gallery

VICKI - Vickie has a fun and charming personality and is equally comfortable in the studio and on location.She owns her own horses and is able to accomodate equestrian shoots.

She will pose for genres from Portrait to Topless and Implied nude and charges £25 per hour.

Vicki Gallery